• Don’t have enough time?

  • Frustrated at being out-bid at auctions?

  • Upset at missing out in private sale negotiations?

  • Overwhelmed by the buying & selling process?

  • Stressed about making costly mistakes?



      Hi, I’m Zac Newbold, Managing Director of

     Your Australian Property.


     Your Australian Property helps a wide range of clients wherever they are on the property ladder.

     If you’re searching for your dream home or that hard-earned investment property, my team can help you save         time, money and stress.

     And, because we are independent, we disclose everything about a property - the good, the bad and the                         indifferent. You get all the information upfront to make the right decision!


    There are 1000’s of properties listed for sale in the Melbourne property market and it can be quite confusing                 which property is right for you.

  • How much it’s really worth?

  • Quality of the location and its rental suitability?

  • And, which is the best one for capital growth?


     Inexperience, poor preparation and time constraints cause many people to make costly mistakes.

    Most people today are time-constrained – either busy at work or busy with family & friends or both. 


    My team can help you overcome these time constraints by guiding you through every step of the buying &                selling process and making it easier for you.


    Using our easy 6-step buying process you will stay confident and informed throughout your purchasing journey.


    Let’s create & maximise your wealth through Your Australian Property. 


    Contact my team today!