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                               Home Staging Tips When Selling Your Home

If you're thinking about taking advantage of the current Real Estate Market, it's important to think about how your house currently presents itself.Home staging can mean all the difference as you aim to appeal to the emotional feeling of potential buyers.

Staging your home can make all the difference when your're hoping to get a few interested bidders to battle it out on Auction day.

Here are our home staging tips when selling your home:

Street Appeal

You've probably heard it all before but people make up their mind if they like a house or not in under a minute....So that means they have either a positive or negative feeling before they even step inside the doorway.

To make sure your home is looking top notch think about spraying the driveway, that your home has house numbers, that it looks presentable with greenery and any exterior painting is done.


There could be a hundred or so people going through your home in a viewing so it's important that they find it easy to move around in. People also don't want to see an untidy home and even though you might think it's not cluttered, it's good to get another opinion from an honest friend or even your Real Estate Agent.


After you've taken out the clutter, you'll need to give the house a good clean. It will take more than a regular weekly clean to get your home in tip top shape. Make sure you set aside adequate time for your home cleaning.

Keep It Neutral 

Do you have brightly coloured walls ? You might want to consider toning it down as it can be quickly off putting for potential buyers. That's not to say that you can't still have a feature wall or two.



When was the last time you gave your lounge room or bathroom a fresh coat of paint ? Updating the colour can make it brighter and make it look fresh.

If you have a limited budget, this is where it should be spent.


You want people to imagine living in your home, so it makes sense to remove items and pictures that are of you and the family. You can easily replace these with landscape imagery.


If your couch is looking a bit worse for wear or if you need some extra furniture to complete a room, let's say the dining room. There are plenty of home staging companies out there that you can rent furniture from for a couple of months. They can even help style your whole home so that it looks amazing for open viewings.

New Linen

This may not seem important, but having lovely new looking towels neatly folded in the bathroom or crisp sheets on the bed can really change how people perceive your home.

Hiding Spaces

Thinking about hiding the clutter in the cupboards, wardrobe or shed ? Think again, people will look - humans are curious after all.

Don't go overboard

Whilst it's tempting to go 'The Block' on your home and stage dining scenes, it is a very unnatural approach. What you really want is (as you might say in the clothing world) effortless;y chic. This means making it look inviting, lived in, natural and that the home always looks great.


Your backyard is almost as important (if not more - sometimes) than the inside. For prospective buyers with young families having grass and a play area for kids is very important. However regardless of whom the buyer is, it should look clean and tidy. If there's a lot of work to be done and you may need help with hedging, cleaning gutters and mowing the grass regularly for opens.

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